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The Essential Keto Snacks Cookbook:

Converting Extremely Well Right Now (including upsells)

Commissions:  Digital cookbook - 75%

The Essential Keto Cookbook:

Commissions:  Digital cookbook - 75%

3-2-1 Keto Meal Plans:

Commissions:  1-Month - 75%; 3-Month - 50%; 1-year - 30%

Keto Breakfast Cookbook:

Commissions: Digital cookbook - 75%; Physical - 30%

30 Keto Meals in Under 30 Minutes Cookbook: COMING SOON

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  1. The Essential Keto Cookbook: Click to Download
  2. '3-2-1' Keto Meal Plans: Click to Download
  3. The Keto Breakfast Cookbook: Click to Download
  4. 30 Keto Meals in Under 30 Minutes Cookbook: Click to Download


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